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There have recently been some reports regarding suspected cheating during online games in major events around the world. For details of what to be aware of and how to deal with any suspected matters then please go to our "Chess Rules OK" section via the drop-down box of the "Coaching" page.

Details from Phil Adams' weekly 3Cs' Newsletter (29 July) are now on our main "Coaching" page. If there are any 3Cs' members or former members who do not already receive Phil's full newsletter but who would wish to do so then please e-mail Phil on "[email protected]"

The latest 3Cs' online blitz was won by Andy Horton while Kevin Ye was the runner-up and John Bentley finished third.

Although having hoped to restart the usual club nights on Thursdays, the recently issued guidelines have meant we are now unable to do so but will inform everybody on here if the situation changes. However, the absence of events at the club has given opportunity for work to take place to upgrade the facilities including new carpet in the match room as seen in the photo below ..

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Tonight (Wed) 7.30pm Online u-125 Blitz

Tomorrow (Thr) 7.30pm Online Open Blitz

3Cs Match Room


The Manchester League have suspended all operations until further notice while 3Cs have similarly cancelled their club nights.

World Championship, British Rapidplay Championships

Congresses: Manchester, Bradford, Scarborough

4NCL - The remaining two weekends have been cancelled and may be played next year depedning on circumstances.

Delancey UK Chess Challenge (now to be online)
More details on our "UK Chess Challenge" page.


An online 3Cs chess club, currently with 79 members, has been created via the "chess.com" website with the aim of providing club members an opportunity to continue playing the game during the current health crisis.

Online competitions take place each week - on Wednesdays for members with an ECF grade of under 125, while an open event is every Thursday.

For more details click on our "Club Competitions" section via the drop-down box of the "News" page.

Welcome to the 3Cs' website.

To access any of the pages just click on the appropriate heading at the top of the page or alternatively place your cursor over the heading and a drop box may also appear giving further options.

3Cs - or to use its official title, "The Children's Chess Club of Oldham" - is dedicated to providing the opportunity for local youngsters to learn and play the game of chess.

The club is recognised as one of the most successful production lines of young talent throughout the country with both the club itself and many of its individual members having gained major honours in the game at both national and international level.

Stephen Gordon

To keep in chess mode while not playing over-the-board games there is always our "Puzzle Board" page to go to.

Click on the main heading to access some chess-related brain-teasers while the drop-down box also offers a variety of daily puzzles as well as a "Play the computer" feature.

Our "Chess History" section (via the drop-down box of the "News" page) includes a feature regarding all the 16 World Champions and asks where you might place them on the board if they were used as the pieces ?

News from Phil Adams' latest 3Cs' newsletter are on our main "Coaching" page while lots of good advice can be obtained by reading the comments of many leading players on our "Quotation" pages.

A new series of chess instruction has also opened on YouTube with the first involving 3Cs' International Master Andy Horton. To access the video go to our "Games" section via the drop-down box of the "Coaching" page.

3Cs' very own Grandmaster STEPHEN GORDON, shown in action at the 2019 British Championships, having joined the club while still at primary school and who has since become one of the World's elite group of players.

Despite his talent often being sought by various teams both home and abroad, inluding regular appearances in the lucrative German national chess Bundersliga, Stephen continues to play for 3Cs in the 4NCL, where the club compete among the very best teams in Britain.

He has twice won the English Championship, in 2007 and 2012, as well as the 2019 British Rapidplay title and in 2005 triumphed over more than 1,500 other competitors to win the UK Chess Challenge title

Away from the board Stephen has also excelled with his ability in promoting the game of chess and for several years hosted "The Full English Breakfast", a chess podcast often highlighting the lighter side of the game. He is also regularly in demand to provide expert analysis of games played at the very top level.

Just a photo showing some members in action at a typical kind of night at a local chess club ???

However, the photograph shown is at a 3Cs' weekly club night and the "typical kind of members" include Grandmaster Stephen Gordon (seated) as well as International Master Andy Horton (second left) and Women's International Master and six times French women's champion Sophie Milliet (third left).

Also in the picture are Helal Ahmed (extreme left); Michael Tebelev (third right) and 3Cs' head coach Phil Adams (exterme right).

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