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16 March 2019

The final two weekends of this season's 4NCL have been postponed (March 28-29 and May 8-9-10).

A three-match weekend has therefore been rearranged for Divisions 1 and 2 on the Bank Holiday of 28-31 August. It is hoped that the remaining two matches will then be played in October/November and with the 2020-21 season then beginning in January 2021.

Details regarding the other divisions will be released as soon as any arrangements have been finalised.

1 March 2019

3Cs lost their latest two matches in Division 1 of the 4NCL (2-6 v Chessable White Rose; 3.5-4.5 versus Celtic Tigers). They now have one more match to play, against Barbican 1, before the end of season nplay-offs take place.

12 January 2020

The 3Cs' 4NCL first team lost their opening game of the season, going down 6-2 against Wood Green. However, while the 3Cs' team comprised fully of players who had come through the club's own junior ranks, their opposition was somewhat of a "created" team of players brought in from afar including 2 Grandmasters and 4 International Masters.

Stephen Gordon however gained an excellent win in his game as black against former World Championship candidate GM Jon Spellman while both Andy Horton and Alan Walton drew against IM opposition.

The first team's second match of the weekend saw them literally "show spirit" with a 5.5 - 2.5 success over Spirit of Atticus A. It was also pleasing to see another of our young players Aisha Benhamida making her debut for the first team having agreed to step in at the last moment as our female player for the weekend.

Our second team in Division 3 North completed a 3Cs' double over Spirit of Atticus on Sunday by defeating their "B" team 3.5 - 2.5 and which therefore maintained the 3Cs 2 100% record for the season after they had also beaten Bradford Knights B 4-2 on Saturday.

However, despite the wins, the most pleasing aspect of the entire weekend was that every player on both of our teams were genuine 3Cs' members and not just "bought" to represent the club.

3Cs 1 are currently third in Division 1 while our second team are one of just three who have won all their opening four matches in Divison 3 North.

9 February 2020

Not a good weekend for 3Cs in the 4NCL with just one draw from four games played by our two teams.

Our first team, playing in Division 1, did have the hardest of all tasks on Saturday in playing Guildford 1, a team comprising of 8 Grandmasters and who have won the 4NCL championship for the past seven years. However, there were good individuial results for Stuart Clarke and Aleksander Colovic who both drew against opponents more than 20 FIDE points above them.

Sunday, however, produced a somewhat disappointing 4-4 draw against Cambridge University who we outgraded on 7 out of the 8 boards. Indeed, the outstanding personal performance was on the one board where we were at a grading disadvantage but where Aisha Benhamida achieved what turned out to be a valuable draw against a very experienced opponent over 100 FIDE points ahead of her.

Three matches remain in the league before the end of season play-offs. With the top 4 teams then guaranteed a place in next saeason's Division 1, 3Cs are now 5th although they have already played the teams who will possibly be forerunners for the title at the end of the season.

Our second team, in Division 3 North, lost their first match of the season on Saturday ... and their second on Sunday. Both were by the score of 3.5 - 2.5, against Manx Liberty 2 and J'Adoube 2, which therefore puts the team sixth in the division. No play-offs take place in Division 3 North and so there are now five matches still to play, after which the top two teams will be promoted.

12 January 2020

3Cs' head coach Phil Adams getting his sleeves rolled up in readiness for the battle ahead for the 3Cs' 4NCL second team against Spirit of Atticus B.

The rest of the 3Cs' team (from furthest away) is Mitchell Burke, Cory Hazlehurst, Joao Rita, Graham Burton and Kevin Ye.

With 5 draws coming from the 6 games, the decisive encounter involved Joao Rita whose win provided 3Cs 2 with a 3.5 - 2.5 success to maintain their 100% record so far this season.

The previous day the 3Cs 2 team won 4-2 against Bradford Knights B with wins for Graham Burton and Kevin Ye. All the other games were drawn which ensured the team went through the whole weekend without any individual losses.

10 January 2020

As the 3Cs' 4NCL first team prepare to play their opening matches this weekend in the 2019-20 tournament it appears that one of their rivals have taken determined steps to try and give them a chance of challenging for this season's Championship .... but maybe moreso to try and beat 3Cs !

Yorkshire-based team White Rose have teamed up with "Chessable" a UK-based chess-learning website, the significance of which is that the company is part of chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen's business empire, having been bought by his "Play Magnus" company earlier this year and, as such, the team will now be renamed as "Chessable White Rose".

The team also hope that several of the Grandmasters who currently work for "Chessable" may be avilable to play for them in the 4NCL.

However, an interesting point with regard to 3Cs is the following statement issued by the team when announcing their new backers ...
“With Chessable's backing we'll be looking to build on last year's fourth place and again to take down one or more of the heavyweights.

Trying to surprise the top sides is always one aim, but so too is to finish ahead of our main northern rivals, 3Cs from across the Pennines in Oldham."
With the 3Cs' team generally comprising of players who have come through the club's own junior ranks it's probably a great compliment to the club that opponents are having to gain the backing of such companies in an attempt to do better than us.

The full article can be seen via this link ....

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