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15 March 2020

All Manchester League activities have been suspended due to the current health situation until the end of April.

26 February 2020

An excellent result for our second team by drawing against Bolton 1 in "A" Division. It was especially good to see Dale James again playing for the club ...his first competative game for five years.

27 January 2020

3Cs 6 drew 4-4 in their rapidplay match away to Bolton 6 to maintain their unbeaten record in "F" Division. Victory at home to Worsley 3 in their final match will give them the divisional championship although a win or draw by our 7th team when they visit Worsley 3 next Monday will also be enough to ensure 3Cs 6 of the title.

12 February 2020

Having already secured the Division "F" Championship, our 6th team ended their season unbeaten with an 8-0 home win over Worsley 3.

3 February 2020

3Cs 7 won 5-3 away to Worsley 3 in the rapidplay division. Worsley's defeat means they are now unable to catch 3Cs 6 at the top and therefore another championship has been won by our club.

30 January 2020

Our 5th team - with an average age of 10 - defeated Bolton 5 at home by 4-1, therefore maintaining their unbeaten league record and going top of "E" Division.

22 January 2020

Hearing no evil ... Speaking no evil ... but seeing good moves on the board. Our fourth team on their way to victory over Eccles 1.

Top to bottom .. Aisha Benhamida, Ben Newton, Alannah Ashton, Hunain Malik.

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22 January 2020

3Cs hosted a double-headed event with their 2nd team going down 5-2 to Stockport 1 in "A" Division while 3Cs 4 took on Eccles 1 in "D" Division and achieved an excellent 3-2 victory.

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20 January 2020

Our 6th team gained an excellent 7-1 away victory against Worsley 3 to maintain their perfect record in the League's rapidplay division ("F" Division).

Two games are played by each player (one as each colour) and there were double victories for Zayeeem Alam and Lucas Chan.

15 January 2020

3Cs 1 maintained their 100% record in "A" Division and stayed on course for a record-breaking eighth consecutive Manchester League Championship with a 6.5 - 0.5 win against Blue Club 1 including victory on her 3Cs' Manchester League debut by Women's International Master and six times French Women's Champion Sophie Milliet (pictured left).

3Cs 1 are also the only unbeaten team this season in the top division.


8 January 2020

3Cs 3 began the new decade for the club in splendid style with a 5.5 - 1.5 home success against Urmston 1 in "B" Division and with no player losing their individual game.

14 January 2020

Following on from their excellent win against Urmston 1, our 3rd team produced another fine display despite losing 4.5 - 2.5 away to Chorlton 2 who outgraded 3Cs 3 by an average of over 20 points per player.

12 October 2019

The Manchester County under-160 team returned from their away game at Derbyshire with a 12.5 - 3.5 win although the home side defaulted six boards.

3Cs' Edward Jackson won his game although Karl Moorcroft was one of the Manchester players whose opponent did not appear.

9 December 2019

3Cs 1, the current holders of the Reyner Shield, won through to the final of this season's competition with a 4-3 semi-final away win against Blue Club 1 and will now be at home in the final against Chorlton 1.

17 December 2019

After a long wait to play their first match of the season in the Manchester League "A" Division, 3Cs 2 opened in style with an excellent 5.5 - 1.5 victory away at Altrincham.

26 November 2019

3Cs 1 maintained their 100% record in "A" Division with a 4-3 away win against Stockport 1.

3 October 2019

Having opened their season with a win in the "derby" match against 3Cs 7, our 6th team maintained their 100% record in the Rapidplay Division with a 6-2 success over Bolton 6.

3Cs 4 lost 2-3 to Bolton 4 in D Division. However the result has been reversed to a 3Cs' win after it was discovered Bolton played someone out of board order.

The league rules only allow someone to play on a lower board if they are within 20 grading points of their fellow team member. The Bolton board 3 was graded 123 with the two above him being 98 and 101

9 October 2019

3Cs 4 gained another excellent victory in D Division with a 3-2 home success against Worsley 2. The 3Cs' points came from wins by Jude Aisha Benhamida, Ben Newton and Edward Jackson who defeated an opponent almost 20 points more than himself on board 1.

Unfortunately 3Cs 7 lost their Rapidplay Division match 3.5 - 4.5 at home to Worsley 3.

25 August 2019

3Cs will have six teams operating in the 2019-20 Manchester League. Our 1st and 2nd teams will be in the top "A" division; 3Cs 3 will play in "B" Division, with 3Cs 4 in "D" Division.

Our 5th team will take part in the grade-restricted (u-120) "E" Division while we will have two teams in the Rapidplay Division ("F" Division) for players graded under 100.