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Reports of 3Cs' players in competition, both home and abroad.

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17 November 2018

Four 3Cs' players competed in the Standard section of the Preston Congress with Ben Newton and Alannah Ashton ending on 3 points while sisters Becky and Claire Kerton both scored 2/5.

28 September 2019

Crystal Ashton (Open), Alannah Ashton (Minor) and Lucas Chan (Minor) all played in the Crewe Congress with Crystal scoring 3, Alannah 3.5 and Lucas 2.5.

For further details click on this link ...

1 September 2019

Crystal Ashton and Sarah Longson both finished on 3/5 and in equal 6th position in the English Women's Championship. Sarah's last round game against Woman Grandmaster (and eventual competition winner) Toma Katarzyna lasted over 6 hours, ending with a win for Toma on move 154.

20 October 2019

Rebecca Correa finished joint runner-up in the English Girls' under-14s' Championship with a score of 4.5 / 6 and with her only defeat being to the top seed and eventual winner Thisumi Jayawarna from Tameside.
Go to this link for details of the event .....

A simultaneous exhibition also took place in which Rebecca achieved a draw against Women's FIDE Master Sarah Longson.

15 September 2019

Adam Ashton was joint winner in the open section of the Bradford congress, finishing unbeaten on 4/5 while Mitchell Burke, also in the open section, scored 2.5.

17 August 2019

It was good to see a return to competitive chess of Jade Drummond (formerly Stirrup) at the Manchester congress. Jade is another product of the 3Cs' junior system and can be seen in the photos on the "3Cs in Europe" page of the club's 2009 junior tour to Spain .

23 August 2019

3Cs' head coach Phil Adams has been reigning in Spain during the past couple of weeks - firstly he won the veterans' prize at the Pontevedra International Open and has followed that with an equal 4th place finish at a similar event at Mondariz despite missing the first three rounds due to a cold.

Phil's Mondariz results can be seen via the link below while the photos show him after the two events with his .. err, trophies !

Click on the photos to enlarge.

6 October 2019

3Cs' International master Andy Horton was joint winner of the Northumberland Open and remained unbeaten in scoring 4/5.

Details of the event are via this link ...

11 August 2019

Ethan Gardiner played in the Major section of the Midlands Championships in Telford and finished with 2.5 / 5 as well as gaining 15 FIDE points. Details of the event can be found via the following link ...

1 September 2019

Aisha Benhamida was joint winner of the Minor competition (u-110) at the Darnall & Handsworth (Sheffield) Rapidplay with an unbeaten 5/6 while sister Jude (in the Minor) and brother Mohammed (in the Intermediate) both scored 3/6.

1 July 2019

Several 3Cs' players took part in the Leyland rapidplay. Crystal Ashton was in the Major section, finishing with 2.5 / 6, while Edward Jackson scored 4/6 in the Intermediate section. Alannah Ashton and Neil jackson were both in the Minor competition, scoring 3 and 3.5 respectively.

1 September 2019

Stephen Gordon, Andy Horton and Graham Burton played in the 10-round Sants International Open near Barcelona, Spain. Stephen ended on 6.5, Andy scored 5.5, while Graham finished on 4. Details can be seen via the following link ...

13 July 2019

Grandmaster Stephen Gordon played in the annual international open event at Benasque in northern Spain where he finished =9th out of 430 players, 39 of whom had a FIDE rating over 2400. Further details of the event can be seen via this link


22 June 2019

Kevin Ye finished in third place on 4 points out of 5 at the Salford International rapidplay having drawn with FIDE Master and top seed Paul Macklin in the final round. The other 3Cs' players scored as follows: Mischa Tebelev (pictured left) 3, Ben Newton 3, Tim Ye 1.

21 July 2019

FM Adam Ashton finished joint runner-up and unbeaten on 4 out of 5 in the 4NCL congress at Telford, including a win over International Master James Adair and draws against Grandmasters Keith Arkell and Mark Hebdon.

Alan Walton also played in the event, scoring 2 out of 5.

Further details via this link ...

28 June 2019

Adam Ashton was joint winner of the North Wales Open with a score of 4 out 5 and being unbeaten throughout the competition. Details via this link ....

21 April 2019

3Cs' Joao Rita with three wins and a draw was runner-up, scoring 3.5 / 5 and gaining 21 FIDE points, in the open section of the 2019 Bolton Easter Congress and with his only defeat being in round 1 to the eventual tournament winner, IM Joseph McPhillips.

Full results of the event can be seen via the following link....

30 June 2019

Phil Adams and Andy Horton played in a FIDE-rated International competition in Sanxenxo, a pleasant holiday resort on the coast of Galicia in North-West Spain with Andy scoring 6.5 out of 9, just one point behind the eventual winner, while Phil finished on 4.5.
Click on the link below for further details ...

16 April 2019

Daniel Abbas, Ahmed Abbas and Alan Walton competed at the Reykjavik Open in Iceland. Results can be seen via the following link ...

The 3Cs' players scored as follows (out of 9) :
Daniel - 5, Alan - 4, Ahmed - 3.

26 May 2019

3Cs' Mitchell Burke had a very long way to travel to play in the open section of the Huddersfield Congress ... the venue was 100 yards from his house. He finished the competition on 3/6 achieving an average ECF grading of 189.


7 February 2019

3Cs' Alan Burke playing another away game for the club - versus Punta Arenas in Chile ... a long way to travel if your opponent doesn't turn up !

20 April 2019

It seems that, just like buses, winning chess events comes in twos .... Having been successful in the Chester rapidplay event earlier in April, GM Stephen Gordon finished as joint winner of the Bolton "Busy Persons" event, comprising of eight games of 10 minutes per player. Stephen finished level with Joe McPhillips on 7/8.

7 April 2019

3Cs' Grandmaster Stephen Gordon won the Chester Chess Club's rapidplay tournament which was held as part of the club's centenary celebrations.

"Chester Chess Club" ... "Club's Centenary Celebrations" ... ideal that a 3Cs player won it !

22 April 2019

Nathan Gittens played in the FIDE u-2050 event at the 4NCL Easter congress at Stevenage finishing in 8th position (out of 45) with a score of 4 out of 7.
For further details go to the following link ...

2 December 2018

Adam Ashton finished unbeaten and as joint winner of the Preston congress with a score of 4/5 while Crystal Ashton scored 2.5 and her friend from China, Ran Song, ended on 3/5.

The congress also saw the welcome appearance of sisters Becky and Claire Kerton, both of whom came through the 3Cs' junior system but have been away at university for a while.


2 March 2019

3Cs' Daniel Abbas helped Oxford defeat Cambridge in the 2019 varsity chess match played at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London. With scores level at 3.5-3.5, Daniel won the deciding game to clinch Oxford's victory.

The photo shows Daniel (facing camera) in action and being watched by eager spectators during the final moments of the crucial game.

(Photograph by courtesy of John Saunders)

25 November 2018

3Cs were well represented at the British Rapidplay Championships with Mitchell Burke finishing on 5.5/11 in the main Open event while Kevin in the Major section and Everson Correa in the Minor section also achieved that same score.

In a very strong under-11s' event, Ethan Gardiner came third with 4/5 while Lucas Chan and Rebecca Correa scored 2 and 1.5 points respectively

24 February 2019

Congratulations to 3Cs' Edward Jackson for winning the Leyland rapidplay minor section with a score of 5.5 / 6, being unbeaten throughout the competition. Indeed it was a good event for the Jackson family as Edward's dad Neil ended in 5th position out of 25 players with a score of 4/5.

18 November 2018

There was a very welcomed surprise entrant among those at the Bolton Rapiplay event with Jade Drummond (formerly Stirrup) competing in the Major section. Jade began as a junior with 3Cs and played for many years before other aspects of her life (3 children) began to take up much of her time. However, in her first competition for over 5 years Jade began with a win in her first game and ended with a creditable 2/6.

21 September 2018

3Cs' Grandmaster Stephen Gordon finished joint winner of the inaugural event to celebrate the life of Peter Poobalasingham who died at such a young age last year having previously twice won the UK Chess Challenge (2007 & 2008), a tournament which Stephen himself also won in 2005. Full details of the event, including an article and photos of Stephen Gordon can be found via the following link ...

25 November 2018

3Cs' Nathan Gittens put in an excellent performance to finish 4th, scoring 3.5 out of 5, in the u-2200 section of the Hampstead congress in London, gaining 26 FIDE ranking points in the process.

Crystal Ashton also entered the event along with her friend from China, Ran Song, who is visiting the UK with her family and who has also played for 3Cs during her visit (see "Manchester League" page). Having often faced each other in events in China the two players also had to come face-to-face in the last round of the Hampstead event. The game was drawn with Crystal ending on 2.5 points and Ran, finishing unbeaten from one win and four draws, on 3.

Full tournament results can be obtained via the following link ...

28 October 2018

Mischa Tebelev played in the Open section of the Scarborough congress - two sections above for which he could qualify - yet despite being seeded 44th out of 48 he achieved a creditable 2/5 and gained 12 FIDE points.

19 August 2018

Adam Ashton finished runner-up in the Manchester congress open competition with 4/5, just 1/2 point behind the winner. Mischa Tebelev ended with a creditable 2/5 having started as the 34th seed out of 37.

In the major tournament, Crystal Ashton scored 3.5 / 5 and was placed =7th out of a total of 70 players.

Further details, including the results, can be seen via a link on the "Manchester League" page of this website.

19 August 2018

Kevin Ye went to Gibraltar to take part in the Junior Chess Festival, playing in the under-16s' event in which he finished in =12th postion out of 49 with a score of 3.5 / 6. Kevin was also the winner of the Best game prize for the entire under-16s' tournament while he also played in a blitz event, ending on 4/6 and in =14th position out of 88 entrants.

17 June 2018

Ethan Gardiner and Ben Newton are pictured while at the 2018 Heywood Congress as seen below ...

Click on any image to enlarge it.

20 July 2018

Ahmed and Daniel Abbas competed in the Vaujany Chess Festival in France.

Daniel was in the "Prinicpal" FIDE open tournament, ending with 5 points out of 9 while Ahmed was in the "Accession" FIDE u-1900 competition in which he scored 3.5.

7 April 2018

3Cs' member Alan Burke playing an away game for the club while on his recent visit to the frozen southern continent.



25 July 2018

Grandmaster Stephen Gordon has been in Crete taking part in the Paleochora tournament where in the nine round event he finished in joint second place with 7 points, just 1/2 point behind the eventual winner.