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Manchester League Player Registration List 2019-20...

Team(s) Players Grade Bracketed Grade Bracketed Grade

1st team Gordon, Stephen 251 Milliet, Sophie 244
A Division Horton, Andy 236 Ashton, Adam 222 Abbas, Daniel 216
5 seeds Walton, Alan 197 Bentley, John 202 Horton, Jamie 206
Burke, Mitchell 186 Lea, Daniel 194 Song, Ran 188
Adams, Phil 179

2nd team Rita, Joao 180
A Division McLean, Robert 179 James, Dale 181 Gittens, Nathan 175
6 seeds Ye, Kevin 173
Tebelev, Michael 168
Ashton, Crystal 165
Manton, Jacob 160e

3rd team Butterworth, Nathan 158 Lau, Jason 155e
B Division Keech, Paul 144 Denisov, Seny 153
6 seeds Ahmed, Helal 144
Denisov, Denis 139
Gardiner, Ethan 139 Owen, Michael 136
Moorcroft, Karl 125

4th team Jackson, Edward 121 Abbas, Ahmed 123
D Division Benhamida, Mohammed 121
No seeds

5th team Benhamida, Aisha 117
E Division Gardiner, David 115
No seeds Newton, Ben 114
Graded u-121 Rigby, Steve 113 Kerton, Becky 113
Malik, Hunain 107
Correa, Everson 105
Walton, John 102 Monaghan, Karl 106
Rohman, Mohammad 102 Monaghan, Dave 103
McGee, Peter 100
Jackson, Neil 98
Nussbaum, Shaked 98e
Chan, Lucas 96
Correa, Rebecca 96
Ashton, Alannah 91
Alam, Shahedul 86
Ashton, Tony 79 Kerton, Claire 79
Booth, Adam 77
Alam, Zayeem 73e Marshall, James 73e
Correa, Edward 73e Newton, Lee 70e
Balakrishnan, Akil 65e
Benhamida, Jude 59
Ye, Tim 59
Booth, Leo 54
Elisseev-Siuda, Ivan 40e
Gardiner, Alex 46 Shanker, Tim 44
Mills, Ollie 44e Elisseev-Siuda, Ivan 40e
Burke, Alan 25e Bridge, Reuben 34e


The quiet before the storm ....

Pictured are 3Cs' 1st and 2nd teams prior to their 2018 fixture in the Manchester League and in which both teams were in the top division.

Back row (l to r):
Michael Tebelev, Mitchell Burke, Nathan Gittens, Helal Ahmed, Kevin Ye, Karl Moorcroft.

Front row:
Daniel Lea, Andy Horton, Daniel Abbas, Alan Walton, Phil Adams.