3Cs versus Grandmasters...

3Cs always encourage their young players to take on tough challenges and have therefore often invited the best in the World to visit the club.


1982 .... 3Cs' Dale James, having won the Lloyds Bank national under-14s' event - despite aged just 12 - was then selected as one of the players to take on Czechoslovakian Grandmaster Vlastimil Hort as part of a simultaneous exhibition he was performing in London

Report from the Manchester Evening News

3Cs v GM

Hungarian Grandmaster Janos Flesch came to 3Cs in 1982 for a simultaneous exhibition against 23 of our youngsters, one of whom, Ian Whitworth was victorious while James Wallace and Stuart Clarke - now a FIDE Master and member of the 3Cs' 4NCL team - achieved draws.

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In 1989 Russian Grandmaster David Bronstein was visiting Britain for a Young Masters tournament in London but also accepted an invitation to come to 3Cs where he played a simultaneous challenge against 30 club members, four of whom achieved draws and were presented with a signed copy of Mr.Bronstein's new book, "The Chess Struggle in Practice". Mr.Bronstein also gave each of the 30 players individual tuition on their game and said that a good way for young players to learn the game is for sometimes to take more risks rather than just always playing safe.

The photos show Mr.Bronstein taking on his 3Cs' opponents as well as the report of the event in the Oldham Evening Chronicle.

Current 3Cs' members might see if they can recognise at least three people who are still regulars at the club. A clue - look at the main "Who we are" page of this website !

1989 Bronstein (3)
David Norwood

Having achieved the title of Grandmaster in 1989, Lancashire-based David Norwood also accepted the challenge of taking on several of the 3Cs' juniors in a simultaneous exhibition in January 1991.

David was also captain of the England International team and has since then written many chess books, including "Chess with Steve Davis" (yes, the 6-time snooker World Champion) which can be found in the 3Cs' library at the club.

Why Steve Davis ? Steve is also a chess enthusiast and a past President of the English Chess Federation.

Kevin Ye v Arkell

Pictured above is 3Cs' Kevin Ye (left) playing Grandmaster Keith Arkell in the bltz event at the 2019 British Championships in Torquay.

Keith not only won this game but went on to win the tournament.

Gordon Simul

0n 18 September 2007 another Grandmaster - this time 3Cs' very own Stephen Gordon - took on 20 of the club's members in a simultaneous challenge. However, unlike David Bronstein, Stephen had not written a book to give away as a prize - although that actually proved not to be a problem as he won all 20 games !

OK, OK, in 2007 Stephen was "only" an International Master but we all knew what the future held in store for him !

Mitchell Burke pictured with Fabiano Caruana at the 2018 Gibraltar Chess Festival. Later in the year one of them challenged Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship while the other played for 3Cs in the Manchester League.