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The 4NCL - or "Four Nations Chess League" to give it's full title - is the country's foremost chess league involving teams from all over the land.

Although teams can be formed by using players from anywhere throughout the world - with some sides recruiting (and paying for) a full team of top Grandmasters to represent them - 3Cs are proud that they field teams which are mainly comprised of players who are genuine club products and have progressed via the club's own coaching system.

For the 2018-19 season 3Cs will have two teams in the 4NCL. Our first team are in the top division while our second play in Division 3 North.

Since it began in 1978 the main policy of 3Cs has never been to just win but moreso to encourage young players to develop their skills at the chess board. To that end the club encourages its yougsters to compete at a level which provides them with appropriate oppostion to test their own current ability and thus our second team in the 4NCL often features many of the club's young players who can gain benefit by facing some vastly experienced opponents in a competitive situation.

3Cs also formerly organised a third team in the main 4NCL event but with the advent of a Junior 4NCL competition they have now entered a team in that league so as to give their youngsters an early opportunity of playing quality matches. Further information of the team can be found on the "Junior 4NCL" page of this website.

3Cs - 4NCL League Positions

Season 1st team 2nd team 3rd team

1999-00 Div 2 11th x x
2000-01 Div 2 7th x x
2001-02 Div 2 6th x x
2002-03 Div 2 2nd Div 3 Champions x
2003-04 Div 1 6th Div 2 12th x
2004-05 Div 1 9th Div 3 12th x
2005-06 Div 1 11th Div 4 14th x
2006-07 Div 1 10th x x
2007-08 x x x
2008-09 x x x
2009-10 Div 3 3rd x x
2010-11 Div 2 14th Div 3 28th/44 x
2011-12 Div 2 12th Div 3 43rd/44 x
2012-13 Div 2 3rd Div 3 26th/49 x
2013-14 Div 1 14th Div 3 43rd/63 x
2014-15 Div 2 Champions x x
2015-16 Div 1 9th Div 3N 7th x
2016-17 Div 1 4th Div 3N 4th Div 3N 18th
2017-18 Div 1 9th Div 3N 4th Div 3N 15th
2018-19 Div 1 9th Div 3N 3rd x