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3Cs' head coach Phil Adams office advice on coaching juniors (Download)

Local chess organisation


3Cs' PAUL KEECH (left), one of several of the club's players who go into local schools to teach youngsters the game of chess. Paul is a qualified tutor with the national "Chess in Schools and Communities" programme, for which the details of his activities in the local area can be accessed by clicking on the "Chess Tuition for Kids" link on this page.

Manchester League results

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Annual National Chess Championships

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National chess league

UK Chess Challenge for junior players. World's largest chess competition

Chess tuition in local schools by 3Cs' player Paul Keech.

ALAN WALTON (right), captain of the 3Cs' 4NCL first team, shown receiving the trophy as Champions of Division 3 in 2003, since when 3Cs won the 2nd Division title in 2015 and now play in Division 1.

All details regarding the league can be found via the "4NCL" link on this page.

CSC - National organisation for "Chess in Schools and Communities"


EPSCA - National Primary Schools' Organisation

Non-competitive chess club - just for the fun of it !

2018 World Championship website

Test yourself with positional problems on the chess board

UK's most popular monthly chess magazine

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