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11 January 2020

An Oldham Primary Schools' congress at 3Cs attracted 36 entrants and acted as a trial for places on the Oldham junior schools' teams later in the year. 3Cs' players dominated the event with Hunain Malik winning the under-11s' section followed by Ben Newton as runner-up and Ollie Mills third. The under-9s' competition was won by Alannah Ashton with Fateh Muhammed and Savannah Ashton as joint second.

Photographs of the event are shown below (Click on any photo for a larger image).

A junior club tournament was played on 22 August 2019 with the following results ...

Mohammed Benhamida 7
Aisha Benhamida 6
Alicia Custy 5.5
Hunain Malik 4.5
Tim Ye 3
Akil Balakrishnan 2.5
Ollie Mills 1
Jude Benhamida 0.5

The leading players in the 3Cs' junior Grand Prix - combining scores from all club tournaments (after 29 August 2019) - are as shown below ...

16 ... Alicia Custy
15 ... Lucas Chan
12 ... Rebecca Correa
11.5 ... Akil Balakrishnan
11 ... Adam Booth, Tim Ye
9.5 ... Hunain Malik
9 ... Edward Jackson
8 ... Edward Correa, Ben Newton
7.5 ... Alannah Ashton

25 September 2019

Pictured are the 3Cs' 6th and 7th teams playing against each other in the Manchester League's Rapidplay Division. Each match in the division consists of two games with players facing each other once as white and once as black.

The results from the junior club competition on 11 July 2018 are as follows ...

Damian Johnson 4
Edward Correa 3
Zayeem Alam 3
Nahian Ahmed 3
Leo Booth 3
Ollie Mills 2
Alexander Murray 1

The winner of the competition, Damian, is pictured right >>>

Damian Johnson
6 v 7 Sep 2019 (1)
6 v 7 Sep 2019 (2)

29 August 2019

Ben Newton won the latest 3Cs' junior event with a score of 6 out of 7 while Lucas Chan, Alicia Custy and Hunain Malik shared the runners-up prize with 5 points each.

2 December 2017

3Cs hosted a rapidplay event for all their junior members following which certifcates and hoodies were presented to all those who regularly attend the club's main training sessions. The hoodies were due to the efforts of Rachel Newton, one of the club's many parents who work behind the scenes, whilst they also unveiled the new 3Cs' club logo, itself designed by one of our young players Ben Newton (third from left, front row) who had won a competition to produce the new badge which includes the King chess piece; an owl - the emblem of Oldham - and three letter Cs.

20 December 2018 - Christmas Blitz

Below can be seen some photos as the 3Cs' juniors - together with some adults hoping to avoid too much embarrassment - took part in a pre-Christmas blitz event, with refreshments also provided by the club.

Joint winners of the tournament were Rebecca Correa and Edward Jackson, shown on the right >>>>>>>

Click on the individual photos below to enlarge.

The final scoreboard for the 2018 Christmas Blitz was as follows (only junior shown to spare the adults' blushes) ...

4 ... Rebecca Correa, Edward Jackson
3 ... Adam Booth, Lucas Chan, Tim Ye
2 ... Akil Balakrishnan, Edward Correa, Ollie Mills
1 ... Alannah Ashton, Jack Gladwin