"The Kings are in their castle ..."


3Cs Chess Club

St. Edward's RC Parish Hall
Spring Lane
Oldham OL4 5AJ


7.30pm 7pm - 9pm

Directions to 3Cs Chess Club

From junction 22 of the M60 at Hollinwood follow the A62 towards Oldham.
(ie: Turn right onto A62 if going anti-clockwise on M60 or left if clockwise)

Go approximately 2 miles until a large roundabout with traffic lights and a bridge crossing over the road.
Approaching the bridge go in the extreme right-hand lane which will go under the bridge and bends right as it does so.
Immediately after bending right is another set of lights. Stay in the right-hand lane and go straight on (Signposted "A62 Huddersfield, Saddleworth"). (ie: Do NOT go back under the bridge to your right).
Keep right and go onto the Oldham by-pass coming in from your right.

Follow by-pass to 2nd set of lights (about ¾ mile) and turn right onto A669 (Lees/Saddleworth).
Follow A669 for about 1.5 miles until you go down a long steep hill, at the bottom of which is Lees Brook Mill on your right.
Just after the mill (and just as the road begins to rise again) take first right into Burton Street which will go uphill.
At the first junction turn left into Spring Lane and then immediately left through the gates of the Parish Hall car park.

For parking, drive to the back of the building and the entrance to the hall is through the double doors on the opposite side of the building from where yolu entered the car park.
(NB: So you can judge your travelling time; From Hollinwood at the M60 junction to the venue should take about 15 minutes)

Spring Lane – Burton Street – Lees Road – Oldham by-pass
Then go 1 mile to 2nd exit (A62 Manchester) (Just after going under three bridges and as arriving at a fourth),
On the sliproad go into the left-hand lane and follow left for A62.
(NB: Firstly, on the sliproad beware of traffic coming from the left on another feeder lane; then, at the bottom of the sliproad beware of traffic from the right coming off the large roundabout – they should go to the right of a small traffic island at the end of the sliproad whilst you stay left of it.)
Then follow A62 for about 2 miles to Hollinwood and M60, junction 22.