3Cs' 4NCL Fixtures ...

2019-20 dates and venues for 3Cs' teams in the 4NCL

Sat/Sun 9 - 10 Nov Div 3 North Doncaster

Sat/Sun 11 - 12 Jan Division 1 Daventry
Div 3 North Bolton

Sat/Sun 8 - 9 Feb Division 1 Daventry
Div 3 North Bolton

Sat/Sun 29 Feb-1 Mar Division 1 Daventry

Sat/Sun 28 - 29 Mar Division 1 Daventry
Div 3 North Normanton

Fr/Sa/Su 8 - 10 May Division 1 Telford
Div 3 North Doncaster

NB ... It has been announced that the 2020 May Day Bank Holiday is to be moved to FRIDAY May 8 instead of Monday May 4 in order to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of V.E.Day.

The final 4NCL weekend has therefore been rearranged to coincide with the holiday weekend and will now be played from Friday 8 May to Sunday 10 May.

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The list of teams in the various divisions for the 2019-20 season can be seen via this link

4NCL Divisions

Division 1 is not starting until January due to clashes with other events and therefore the fixtures will not be announced until just prior to that date.

Fixtures for the entire Divisions 2 and 3 (South) season will be published just before their opening matches in November.

However, as Divisions 3 (North) and 4 are not "all play all" their fixtures will be published for each seperate weekend and will be dependent upon the league placings at those times.