3Cs' 4NCL Fixtures ...

3Cs 1 4NCL Fixtures 2019-20 Division 1

Sa 11 Jan Wood Green L
Su 12 Jan Spirit of Atticus A W

Sa 8 Feb Guildford 1 L
Su 9 Feb Cambridge University 1 D

Sa 29 Feb White Rose 1 L
Su 1 Mar Celtic Tigers 1 L

Sa 28 Aug Barbican 1
Su 29 Aug Play-offs
Mo 30 Aug Play-offs

To arrange Play-offs
To arrange Play-offs

3Cs 2 4NCL Fixtures 2019-20 Division 3 North

Sa 9 Nov Bolton & Worsley W
Sun 10 Nov Shropshire 2 W

Sa 11 Jan Bradford Knights B W
Su 12 Jan Spirit of Atticus B W

Sa 8 Feb Manx Liberty 2 L
Su 9 Feb J'Adoube 2 L

Sa 28 Mar Postponed
Su 29 Mar Postponed

Fr 8 May Postponed
Sa 9 May Postponed
Su 10 May Postponed

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The list of teams in the various divisions for the 2019-20 season can be seen via this link

4NCL Divisions

Divisions 3 (North) is not "all play all" and therefore fixtures will be published for each seperate weekend and dependent upon league placings at that time.