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The Junior 4NCL (Four Nations Chess League) is a national event for teams of young players throughout the country and takes place during three weekends throughout the season.

The three tournaments are actually treated as seperate events (ie: there isn't a combined league table for the entire season) and therefore teams could find themselves in different divisions depending upon the standard of the opposition on each of the weekends,

For the 2018-19 season 3Cs took another step forward and entered a team into the Junior 4NCL for the first time.

However, as several of the club's young players have previous played for Manchester in the competition the club allowed them to continue doing so for this season's competition while instead forming a team comprising of their very youngest members so as to give them an early opportunity of competitive chess.

2020-21 Season

The date and venue for the first weekend of the 2020-21 Junior 4NCL season have been announced as follows ...

Saturday/Sunday 26/27 September 2020

Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport NEC,
Coventry Road, Birmingham, B26 9QW

Details of the Junior 4NCL including the results can be found on the event website via the following link .

15 February 2020

The final weekend of this season's Junior 4NCL saw the 3Cs Charmanders again in Division 1 where they were seeded fourth (according to the FIDE ratings) out of the eight teams involved.

The seedings proved to be accurate as the top four teams all finished in their predicted positions with 3Cs achieving two wins, one draw and two losses. However, it is worthy of note that if ECF grades had been used for seeding purposes then 3Cs would actually have been the bottom seeds.

Hunain Malik was 3Cs' highest scorer of the weekend being unbeaten in the four games he played, gaining two wins and two draws, while Ben Newton secured a win and two draws with both Alannah Ashton and Lucas Chan drawing two games each.

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19 January 2020

Despite finishing in 7th position in Division 2 at the Junior 4NCL weekend earlier in the season, the 3Cs' Charmanders were somewhat surprisingly "promoted" into Division 1 for the January event mainly due to a considerable reduction in the number of teams having entered the tournament (21 down from 34).

This also meant that 3Cs were the least experienced of the 8 teams in the top division, especially as the club had let two of their strongest players compete for Manchester, not being aware that we would be placed in the top section.

However, against teams who far outgraded them (one of which averaged more than 350 FIDE points per player more than the 3Cs' side), our young players certainly gained valuable experience from the weekend and despite coming away with just one draw from the five matches played, they actually scored more game points in total than two of the other seven in their division.

6 October 2019

The 3Cs' squad for the first weekend of the 2019-20 Junior 4NCL, coached by Crystal Ashton, is Alannah Ashton, Lucas Chan, Hunain Malik, Ben Newton and Tim Ye.

On the first day of the weekend 3Cs gained 3-1 wins against both Desert Penguins B and Chess in Schools 2 but lost 1.5 - 2.5 versus Barnet Knights 5 and with Lucas Chan winning all three of his games.

3Cs won their fourth game 3.5 - 0.5 against Barnet Knights 2 but lost their last match 1-3 versus Welsh Dragon Green and therefore have 6 points and are currently 7th (out of 24) in Division 2.

Junior 4NCL

1 October 2018

3Cs are playing in Division 2 of the Junior 4NCL and are by far the least experienced of all the competing sides in the league. However, the team - named the 3Cs' Charmanders - all contributed to a worthwhile venture for the club, including an outstanding victory against a side more than 35 FIDE points on average above them.

Shown above are the first-ever 3Cs' team in the Junior 4NCL along with their Charmander mascot ...
(l-r) Tim Ye, Alannah Ashton, Ben Newton, Lucas Chan.

For the benefit of the older generation, a Charmander is one of the characters in the Pokemon series.

29 April 2019 - 2018-19 season

The first season for the 3Cs' Charmanders in the Junior 4NCL certainly proved to be another successful step forward for the club, giving several of our youngest players the opportunity to take on quality opposition from around the country and of playing in a highly competative environment.

The 3Cs' team were among the youngest in the competition yet performed with great distinction, winning 4 and drawing 5 of their 15 matches.

23 April 2018 - 2017-18 season

3Cs' Rachel Horton, Edward Jackson and brothers Alex and Ethan Gardiner represented Manchester at the final Junior 4NCL weekend of the season which was played at the Park Inn, Telford. As well as the five rounds of matches played during the weekend there were also coaching sessions for the youngsters given by International Master Andrew Martin.

23 January 2018 - 2017-18 season

Several of our 3Cs' young players appeared for Manchester in last weekend's Junior 4NCL event. Five games were played over the two days against teams from all over the country with every one of our five players recording at least one win. The 3Cs' players were Edward Correa, Rebecca Correa, Alex Gardiner, Ethan Gardiner and Rachel Horton.