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This page gives information about becoming a member of the English Chess Federation which is the national governing body of chess in this country.

Becoming a member of the ECF is a definate requirement for any players who wish to compete in events above the level of local leagues (ie Weekend congresses, 4NCL, etc).

Those who just compete for their own club in a local league (ie Manchester League) are able to play three such games without requiring membership of the ECF and which will only be necessary if they make a fourth appearance.

Further details are shown below as well as the membership requirements for junior players (Free one year membership for any new junior player).


The English Chess Federation usually send out a reminder to their members informing them that their annual membership fee will be due for the new season. However, please note that players can take part in up to 3 games per season in any one league - and be graded for them - without such membership. This is to encourage any potential new players to at least experience a few competitive matches without having to pay.

For anyone unsure whether they will reach the +3 target during the season please note that 3Cs keep a record of all the games played by their own club members and will let each individual player know when that limit has been passed and that there is then a need for them to join the ECF.

Anyone wanting to renew their ECF membership online can find details of how to do so via this link ...

Details are also shown for those wishing to become members for the first time. However, again please remember that ECF membership is free for anyone who plays less than 4 games per season in any one league and also for any junior player who has never previously been a member of the English Chess Federation. (See "Free Junior Membership" further down this page).

The list below shows the 3Cs' players who are members of the English Chess Federation (ECF) for the 2019-20 season (at 14 March 2020).

The ECF membership season begins annually on 1 September until 31 August the following year.

Abbas, Ahmed. Gold

Abbas, Daniel. Gold
Adams, Philip. Gold
Ahmed, Helal. Gold
Alam, Shadeul. Bronze
Alam, Zayeem. Silver
Ashton, Adam. Gold
Ashton, Alannah. Silver
Ashton, Crystal. Gold
Ashton, Tony. Silver
Balakrishnan, Akil. Silver
Benhamida, Aisha. Silver
Benhamida, Jude. Silver
Benhamida, Mohammed. Silver
Burke, Mitchell. Gold
Chan, Lucas. Silver
Clarke, Stuart. Gold
Correa, Rebecca. Silver
Elisseev-Siuda, Ivan. Silver
Gardiner, Alex. Silver
Gardiner, David. Silver
Gardiner, Ethan. Gold
Gittens, Nathan. Gold
Gordon, Stephen. Gold
Hazlehurst Cory. Bronze
Horton, Andy. Gold
Horton, Jamie. Gold
Jackson, Edward. Silver
Jackson, Neil. Bronze
Longson Alex. Gold
Longson Sarah. Gold
Malik, Hunain. Gold
Mills, Ollie. Silver
Newton, Ben. Gold
Rita, Joao. Gold
Tebelev, Michael. Gold
Walton, Alan. Gold
Walton, John. Silver
Ye, Kevin. Gold
Ye, Tim. Silver

10 June 2019

The English Chess Federation have announced a slight increase in their membership fees for the 2019-20 season as follows (the current fees in brackets) ...

Platinum Adult - £75 (£70) Junior - £75 (£70) Unlimited Matches
Gold Adult - £39 (£34) Junior - £19.50 (£17) FIDE Events
Silver Adult - £27 (£23.50) Junior - £6 (£5) Congresses
Bronze Adult - £18 (£16) Junior - £6 (£5) League / Club Matches

It should however be noted that the fees did not increase last season and that junior fees were actually significantly reduced. In fact the junior fees for next season are still well below the figure they were two seasons ago.

All players are still able to play up to 3 games per season in a league free of charge.

Memberships of the ECF can be paid at any time during the season up to 30th June.


The ECF allow any junior player (under 18) to have one season's free Silver membership if they have never previously been a member of the national governing body.

3Cs maintain a record of all the games played for the club by their junior members for whom this may concern and will inform them whenever the offer is of benefit to them. (ie: ECF membership is not required for anyone playing less than 4 games in a season - therefore the free offer does not become beneficial until such games have been played).