1 July 2018

Andy Horton is set to become the second 3Cs' player to have achieved the title of International Master - the first being Stephen Gordon who of course went on to gain the ultimate accolade of Grandmaster.

A brief explanation of how players are awarded such honours is shown on our "Titled Players" page on this website, with Andy having achieved the third International Master norm he required while playing in the Pula open event in Poland last week. The award of the title now just requires official approval by FIDE, the governing body of World chess, although that is usually just a formality


3Cs 1 won the Manchester League's Reyner Shield by defeating last season's winners Chorlton 1 in the 2018 final. Although the match ended drawn 3Cs won by a superior board count and therefore also achieved the MCF league and cup double for a record 13th occasion, having been tied with Bolton on twelve apiece.

3Cs' achievement is even more impressive as their first double was in 2001 (ie 13 in 18 years) while Bolton's last such success was in 1997 and had taken them 101 seasons to gain their dozen wins.

The victory also increases 3Cs' record of the most trophies won by one club in the Manchester League (73) since its formation in 1892 - the nearest challengers being Bolton and Stockport, both on 59.

Update - 21 June 2018

With the last date having elapsed for entries to be received before additional charges have to be paid, the list issued by the ECF of those players so far taking part in this July's British Championships includes two 3Cs' players - Mitchell Burke (British Championship) and Ben Newton (Under 9s).

Alex Longson, originally with 3Cs and who still plays for the club in the 4NCL, is also in the main Championship together with his wife Sarah, who often assists with coaching at the club.

Entries for the various events will still be accepted although extra charges will now apply.

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11 March 2018

The entry form for this year's British Championships is now available online (Click on the link below).

This year's British Championships, including events from under-8s up to Grandmaster level, are being played in Hull. For any young players wishing to take part - and for parents wanting to make travel or accomodation arrangements - the dates for the various junior competitions are as follows ...

Under 8s Sunday 29 July (All matches in 1 day)
Under 9s / Under-11s Friday 27 - Saturday 28 July
Under 10s / 12s/ 14s/ 16s Sunday 29 July - Saturday 4 August

Click onto this link for further details of the Championships :

9 May 2018

Congratulations to 3Cs' Andy Horton who has gained a second International Master norm by virtue of his results in this season's 4NCL.

Norms are achieved by gaining good results in a competition against opponents of a particular standard and a player requires three Norms to be able to receive the title.

9 May 2018

Stockport 3 defaulted their league game against 3Cs 3 which means our third team have won the C Division Championship with a 100% record.

In winning the title 3Cs 3 have therefore matched the club's first team who had already secured the Manchester League's A Division championship.

11 April 2018

The 3Cs' 1st team have won the Manchester League's A Division Championship for the 15th time in 17 years as Stockport 2 defaulted their last match of the season. Although 3Cs 1 and Stockport 1 have ended with equal points in the division, the superior number of individual games won by the 3Cs' players this season gives them the title.

This season's victory also equals 3Cs' best performance of having won the A Division title for six consecutive seasons (2013-18) - they also achieved that feat from 2006-11.

An incentive for next season ??? To equal the Manchester League record of 7 top division Championships in a row, currently held by Bolton (1971-77).

4 May 2018

The national governing body, the English Chess Federation, have announced their membership fees for next season (2018-19).

For details go to the "ECF members" page on this website (a drop-down box of the "Players" page) ... you might be surprised !!!

6 April 2018


3Cs received a surprise visitor at last night's weekly club night. Maurice Richards from Cornwall, who had donated over 50 chess books to 3Cs after reading an article about the club in "Chess" magazine, was in Oldham visiting his in-laws over the Easter holidays and came to the club with father-in-law Frank Bolger.

The club were delighted to have the opportunity to thank Maurice in person for his generous donation while he was also very much impressed with the organisation of the club and especially the enthusiasm for chess both from those behind-the-scenes and especially from our young players themselves. Maurice and Frank will always be welcomed to the club whenever he visits Oldham anytime in the future.
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23 November 2017

After reading an article concerning 3Cs in the October 2017 edition of "Chess" magazine which mentioned that the club had its own chess library and that its' junior members were able to borrow books free of charge to assist with their chess development, Mr. Maurice Richards of Cornwall wrote to 3Cs offering to donate many of his own books to the library in order to further help the club's young players.

Mr.Richards has a connection with Oldham in that his in-laws live in Springhead and on a visit by them to Cornwall they collected well in excess of 50 books which they then delivered to our headquarters. The books include many classic chess publications which will be extremely useful to our young players.

Pictured in the centre of the back row is Frank Bolger (Maurice Richards' father-in-law) along with 3Cs' officials Phil Adams and Dave Monaghan as well as some of the club's young players.

3Cs wish to thank both Mr.Richards for his kind donation as well as his in-laws, Carol and Frank Bolger for their part in making the delivery.

9 April 2018

3Cs ROCKS !!!
A recent craze on Facebook to now hit the UK is for children to paint small rocks, hide them in local parks and then put a photo on Facebook just to give people something to smile about and give it worldwide publicity. If anyone then finds the rock they too can download a photo of it.

Therefore, on a visit to Chadderton Park in Oldham, 3Cs' Ben Newton hid a small rock he had painted depicting the 3Cs' club - we now await a finder !


23 January 2018

The new English Chess Federation 6-monthly grades have now been issued.

To see your own details go on the "ECF Grading Database" link on the "Chess Links" page of this website. Then put your surname into the space showing "Search" and click on " Find Players". To obtain further details then click on the Ref. number

NB: The full list of 3Cs' players can be seen by putting "3Cs" into the "Search" box and clicking on "Find Clubs". However, 3Cs MUST be put in as a number 3, a capital letter 'C' and a small letter 's'.


8 January 2018

Click onto the link below to see an article in tonight's Manchester Evening News which features 3Cs and especially Yaoyao Zhu (known to all at the club as Crystal Ashton) along with her daughters who are also among our up-and-coming young players.

3Cs wish to thank Beth Abbit of the Manchester Evening News for her work in publishing this article

30 November 2017

Nine year old 3Cs' member Ethan Gardiner was one of just 20 youngsters who were invited to the offices of Google in London for a chess masterclass given by four of the World's top Super Grandmasters, namely Vishy Anand, Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Karjakin.

Ethan played a game against former World Champion Vishy Anand who then spent a hour with Ethan giving coaching advice. A further hour followed of interactive coaching from Wesley So and Fabiano Caruana presented via Chessbase on a big screen to all of the kids whilst at the end of the day the GMs played each other but with the kids deciding on their moves whilst the GMs asked questions for them to consider before their final decision.

Finally, Ethan met current World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

28 December 2017

Grandmaster Stephen Gordon was back in town for the Christmas period and made a visit to the 3Cs' weekly club night. He is photographed here with one of the club's up-and-coming youngsters Ben Newton.

By the way, Stephen is the one on the left .... although it's hoped that Ben might well be in that seat in a few years' time !


A new player signs on for 3Cs !


Who is coaching who ?

23 November 2017 A new addition to the trophy room at 3Cs is a specially commissioned honours board featuring a list of all the club's British Champions at various levels as well as club members who have been President of the Manchester Chess Federation. Pictured are 3Cs' founder Steve Rigby (right) along with the club's chief coach Phil Adams, himself on the board as a former MCF President. The board, which matches an exisiting one already on display at 3Cs showing the club's International players, was once again produced by "CSG Sign Makers" of Welshpool, who have actually donated it free of charge to the club in recognition of 3Cs' achievements in promoting junior chess and producing regular quality youth players. 3Cs are very grateful to "CSG Sign Makers" for their kind donation.

Brit Champs