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Details of 3Cs' juniors in the annual Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge


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7 July 2018

Alannah Ashton (pictured right) has qualified for the 2019 Terafinal by virtue of winning the girls' under-7s' Midlands Gigafinal with a 100% score of 6/6.

Although most of the 3Cs' qualifiers for the Gigafinal stage of the UK Chess Challenge will be entering the Northern section, the rules allow players to choose any one of the Gigafinals to compete in, which is helpful if someone is unavailable on the date of their local event.

Alannah Ashton Giga 2019

31 August 2019

Unfortunately none of the 3Cs' players in the Challengers event managed to win a place in the Terafinal and therefore our players who will be there, having previously qualified, will be Alannah Ashton, Alicia Custy, Ethan Gardiner and Ben Newton.

14 July 2019

The first day of the Northern Gigafinal saw Ben Newton and Ethan Gardiner both qualify for the Terafinal later this year with a score of 5/6 and as joint winners of the under-10s' event, having played each other in the last round.

Players scoring at least 4/5 but who did not win their section can still have a chance of going to the Terafinal by now playing in the Challengers event in August.

The 3Cs' players qualifying for that tournament were Lucas Chan, Zayeem Alam and Ollie Mills (all under-9s) and Hunain Malik (under-10s).

The second day's events saw Alicia Custy (under-12s) qualify for the Terafinal while Rebecca Correa (u-11s) and Kevin Ye (u-17s) go through to the Challengers. Alicia is pictured on the right >>>


18 May 2019

The 2019 local Megafinal took place at Saddleworth school and with every 3Cs' player at the event qualifying for the next section of the tournament - the Gigafinal - which is to be played in July.

The 3Cs' qualifers are as follows ...
Under-7s Alannah Ashton
Under-8s Finlay Chadwick
Under-9s Zayeem Alam, Akil Balakrishnan, Lucas Chan, Ollie Mills
Under-10s Hunain Malik, Ben Newton
Under-12s Adam Booth, Alicia Custy

All the results can be downloaded via this link ...

Update ....

Of the 13 youngsters in the Megafinal who Paul coaches there were 11 who qualified to go forward to the Gigafinal in July.

Sithun De Silva won the Under 8 Supremo
Lucy Lowe won the Under 10 Suprema
Ethan Lancaster & Alex Hollingworth won silver medals in the U11s
Austin Butterworth & Lawrence Moustafa won bronze medals in the U10s
James Cooper won a bronze medal in the U8s
Nathan Li won a silver medal in the U12s
Patrick Shaw, Dylan Crothers and Leon Li also qualified.
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1 May 2019

3Cs' player Paul Keech (pictured right) who is also a qualified tutor with the Chess in Schools and Communities organisation, has mananged to get 13 of his pupils through to the Megafinal at Saddleworth on May 18. This includes 10 from the two schools where he coaches plus three to whom he gives private tuition. Furthermore two of Paul's youngsters are only in year 3, having just started playing chess last September while Paul is hoping to match the six qualifiers from his group who won through to last year's Gigafinal.

As much as it is a success for the players involved it also reflects very favourably on Paul's own coaching skills.


3Cs' Stephen Gordon was the overall winner of the UK Chess Challenge in 2005. Click on the link below for a report of his victory in the final ...

2017-18 ....

22 September 2018

Kevin Ye finished in =5th position with a score of 4/6 - just one point behind the winner - in the under-14s' section of the national UK Chess Challenge Terafinal.

3Cs were represented in the under-10s' event by Ethan Gardiner and Ben Newton, who were then drawn against each other in round 5 of the competition. Ethan won the encounter and eventually ended on 3.5 points and although Ben finished on 3/6 he did achieve a higher position than his ranking for the tournament.

Another all-3Cs match took place in the under-18s' section of the Challengers' events between Alex Gardiner and Edward Jackson. Although Edward won that encounter both players were amongt the youngest in their section and yet each finished higher than their ranking at the start of the competition.

Brothers Adam and Leo Booth each scored 3/6 in their respective Challengers' events - Adam in the under-11s and Leo in the under-9s.

Ashton Ye

17 July 2018

3Cs have four players through to the Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge. Alannah Ashton, Ben Newton and Ethan Gardiner all finished as runners-up in their respective groups while Kevin Ye took the title of Ultimo in the under-14s' section with a perfect score of 6 / 6.

Qualifers from 3Cs for the Northern Challengers event - for those who scored 4 points at the Gigafinal - are Adam Booth, Leo Booth, Edward Correa, Alex Gardiner and Edward Jackson.

The photograph on the left shows Terafinal qualifiers Alannah Ashton and Kevin Ye while on the right is pictured Ethan Gardiner and Ben Newton along with event organisers Sarah and Alex Longson.

Gigafinal 2018

12 May 2018

The following sixteen 3Cs' players qualified at Saddleworth for the Gigafinal ...

Under 7s Alannah Ashton
Under 8s Akil Balakrishnan, Leo Booth, Lucas Chan,
Edward Correa, Ollie Mills
Under 9s Ethan Gardiner, Ben Newton
Under 10s Ellie Amrooni, Rebecca Correa
Under 11s Adam Booth, Reuben Bridge, Alicia Custy
Under 12s Alex Gardiner, Jack Gladwin
Under 15s Jacob Shanker

3Cs' players who qualified from events in other regions are as follows ...

Under 9s Tim Ye
Under 12s Edward Jackson
Under 14s Rachel Horton, Kevin Ye

12 May 2018

The local Megafinal took place at Saddleworth School on Saturday 12th May 2018 with many of our 3Cs' juniors qualifying for the next stage of the event, the Gigafinal.

The qualifiers from the three Gigafinals (North, Midlands, South) will then play in the final round of the competition - the Terafinal - to decide who becomes the eventual winner of the nationwide competition and which was won in 2005 by 3Cs' Stephen Gordon.

The photo shows Megafinal organiser Steve Rigby with some of the 3Cs' trophy winners.
Back (l-r): Edward Correa, Rebecca Correa, Adam Booth, Alicia Custy, Jacob Shanker
Front: Alannah Ashton

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