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Current Top 10 players in the World

1 December 2019

The British players in the World top 100 rankings are ...
38 Adams, Michael ENG 2701
41 Sadler, Matthew ENG 2692
54 Jones, Gawain ENG 2683
58 McShane, Luke ENG 2677
61 Howell, David ENG 2676

The 3Cs' players in the English top 100 rankings are ...
13 Gordon, Stephen ENG 2495
45 Ashton, Adam ENG 2379
46 Horton, Andy ENG 2378
82 Longson, Alex ENG 2298

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17 June 2019

The "Master Chess Roadshow", organised by IM Andrew Martin and GM Nigel Davies - a former 3Cs' coach and player in the 4NCL - has been revived after 25 years with the duo planning to stage coaching sessions around the country.

Further details can be accessed via the following link to the Roadshow website ...

29 March 2019

The English Chess Federation recently asked its members whether they might wish for its grading system to change from the current 6-monthly periods to grades being issued every month. 77% of members voted in favour. The matter will now be discussed by the ECF board.

28 December 2018

The World Rapid Championship ended in St.Petersburg on December 28 with the title in the Open Section going to Daniil Dubov (Russia), who collected 11 points in 15 games.

Daniil Dubov: “I cannot say I played very well, but the luck was on my side. The game against Anton Korobov was perhaps critical for my success. I thought it will end in a draw, but he kept pressure until the very end, and then made a blunder. Such a gift can give a real boost to the overall winning chances. All in all, I think this victory is my biggest achievement to date.”

Half a point behind him were Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Vladislav Artemiev (Russia), and Magnus Carlsen (Norway). Superior tie-break score gave Mamedyarov the silver, and Nakamura got the bronze.

Ju Wenjun (China), who had defended her Women's World Champion's title a month ago also managed to defend her champion's title in rapid chess as well with 10 points in 12 games.

Ju Wenjun said that she played really well on the first two days, which gave her confidence for the remaining rounds. Another important factor in her success: her trainer grandmaster Ni Hua was present in St. Petersburg and helped her a lot. Finally, Ju Wenjun said that she is already a very experienced player, and called rapid a more interesting and even funny form of chess compared to the classical form.

Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (Iran) and Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) tied for second place a full point behind the winner. Khademalsharieh's superior tie-break secured her second place, Goryachkina got the bronze

25 June 2018

The 2018 Paris Grand Tour event, in which 10 of the World's leading players will be facing each other over 6 rounds of rapidplay and 18 rounds of blitz, was won by Hikura Nakamura (USA) with a score of 23 out of 36

Highlights of the event were actually being televised on the Canal+ Sport channel.

The photograph (below) shows the competitors from last year's event .... looking more like waiters at a cafe on the Champs de Elysee !

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Current Top 10 players in England

12 June 2019

FIDE, the governing body of world chess, have signed a co-operation agreement with leading soft drinks company Coca-Cola. A statment from FIDE concerning the situation can be seen via this link ...

Coca-Cola Chess ...... 3Cs - it's the real thing !

30 May 2019

The first leg of the FIDE Grand Prix played in Moscow and organized by World Chess is over with Ian Nepomniachtchi having taken a significant step towards trying to become the challenger for the 2021 World Chess Championship. However there is a long way to go before Nepomniachtchi, or someone else, will earn the right to play for the title.

Grand Prix points after the first leg:
9 Ian Nepomniachtchi,
7 Alexander Grischuk,
5 Radoslaw Wojtaszek,
3 Hikaru Nakamura,
2 Peter Svidler, Wei Yi, Daniil Dubov,
1 Wesley So

Further details of the competition via the following link ...

29 December 2018

Magnus Carlsen (Norway) defended his title of the world's strongest blitz player by dominating the 2018 World championship with 17/21. Jan-Krzysztof Duda (Poland) finished second with 16.5 points. Hikaru Nakamura (USA) took third with 14.5 points.

Kateryna Lagno (Russia) won the Women's Section and repeated her success of 2010. She collected 13.5 points. Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (Iran) won the silver with 13 points. Lei Tingjie (China) got the bronze with 12.5 points.

17 December 2018

American Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura defeated Frenchman Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the London Chess Classic and Grand Chess Tour Final by the super-slim margin of 15-13 – the win of a single blitz game – after a nail-biting sequence of seven draws.

After several rapid and blitz games where the difference between the two players hardly ever threatened to become of decisive proportions, in Blitz Game 4 Nakamura repeated a line of a hybrid Grunfeld-English they had played earlier in the match.

Vachier-Lagrave began to suffer after he unwisely moved his queen to the kingside with 15…Qf5, when its lack of safety became a decisive factor.

Thereafter Nakamura took control of the centre and allowed MVL’s queen no respite, with the death-knell for MVL coming with 24 Ng5, when the queen is cornered. The final blow was delivered by 29 Bg4!, forcing the win of the queen due to a killer knight fork.

Nakamura takes home $120,000 for winning the Grand Chess Tour, while MVL pockets $80,000 as runner-up.

In the Third Place Playoff match, US World Championship challenger Fabiano Caruana managed to salvage some pride, coming out on top in the Rapid and Blitz games against Armenia’s Levon Aronian, winning the second Rapid game and the final two Blitz games to secure victory by the score of 16-12.

Caruana’s payday was $60,000, while Aronian had to be satisfied with $40,000. Caruana’s third place guarantees him a place in the 2019 Grand Chess Tour, the GCT announced today.

In a press release, The Grand Chess Tour announced on Monday it will be expanded to include two new Rapid and Blitz events, in India and Cote D’Ivoire, which will replace the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz, while there will be a new Classical tournament in Croatia. The total prize fund will also be increased, to at least $1.5 million.